About the Financial Services Department

Department Description

The Financial Services Department provides fiscal and other administrative support services to many customers who are both internal and external to the City. To accommodate the needs of the various customers, the Financial Services Department provides a variety of services, which include, but are not limited to, accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, licensing, cashiering and purchasing.

Mission Statement

To provide fiduciary control of the City's assets, perform fiscally related services, and provide accurate, timely and transparent financial information to support the delivery of municipal services to the City organization and the public.

Contact the Financial Services Department

Click on the button below to access the City's Customer Service Center:

Telephone: Accounts Payable (310) 318-0601, Email Accounts Payable
                     Accounts Receivable (310) 318-0683
                     Animal License (844) 420-1543 , Animal License Webpage
                     Business License (310) 318-0603, Email Business License
                     Cashier (310) 318-0683, Email Cashier
                     Financial Services Department (310) 318-0683
                     Purchasing (310) 318-0602, Email Purchasing

Fax: (310) 937-6666

Mail:    City of Redondo Beach
             P.O. Box 270
             415 Diamond St., Door 1
             Redondo Beach, CA 90277